HTC Dashboard App


The HTC's dashboard is an area to track campaign progresses and data. The app itself had buttons that were not clickable and colours that were not accessible. In general, the system was unclear to users. I was to update the system to company branding and improve user experience while working within the existing framework.


Developers initially did not want to change the already coded system. Hence I had to follow a very restricted format to re-visualize the API. 


It took two major revamp to get to the final product. Through a controlled user testing group, we found people were happy with the system because they were able to access information much faster. A lot of pain points such as colours and unclear button options were solved. Charts and data has been visualized with clear colours and labels, and they can be categorized by regions. In words from the brand manager, "this is great work."

These are the original pages to start a new campaign. Dark background with light text, though popular with some groups, causes blurred vision for others. Labels are hard to understand as to which is a selection or clickable action. Question marks prompt nothing. In the opening page, users stated they did not know they had to choose between two campaign options.


" What am I looking at? "

- Client

The first revamp adhered to the coder's original framework. Adjusted labels, clear titles, and using appropriate colours to show information hierarchy. 

Solution 1

After solution 1 was released, the project took a hiatus. During this time, I was to set out to do another project, which is the form automation section. After the form project was green lit, I was given the go ahead to use my rendition of visuals, including charts, info-graphics and image layout for this dashboard project.

Final Solution

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