Graphic Design

As the sole designer at Buchanan Group, my role is to manage and maintain consistent company branding across all platforms. I oversaw visual assets for 7 branches across the globe. Daily tasks include executing and directing digital and printed media, animate motion graphics and assets for video production, and update sales materials for presentations. This also include localization and reworking materials into Chinese, English, French, German and more. 

Sales materials

Sales materials include PowerPoint presentations, marketing assets, info-graphics, data charts, case studies, and point of sale assets for clients.


Production work includes making visual assets for videos and as well as prototyping on-set designs for commercial shoots. This includes signage, custom shelf designs, lower thirds, claims, and badges in videos. 

Gravol Ginger shows an example of a custom built shelf. For Arm and Hammer's product range, client wanted to simplify their packaging. The example shows taking the already shot frame, redesign the products digitally, and then overlaying onto the shot frame for final look. Rest of examples are visual assets for various clients.

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