Arcade game designer


At Unis, the R&D department have to constantly conceptualize game ideas and trends for the industry's markets. As a game designer and artist there, I have worked on 15+ titles between VR games to redemption machines. One task I always get is to make logo headers. I can say making logos look good was my specialty.


The process to create each game always start with, "Who's the target"? From there, I would decide on game play mechanics and visualize the machine's looks. Budget and materials will be the next step.


The 3D modeller would take my sketch and render a prototype. I would create the visual assets needed and pass the final drawing to the engineers for production approval. Below are prototype renderings; notice which area is clear and which is lit up. Game designing is not just about visuals, but functionality and logistics as well.


Snow 'n' Glow

Snow 'n' Glow was one of my memorable project. I saw it from the concept stage to having it hit the markets. The idea is to have a ball pit with the flooring to light up. Each time a ball is thrown into a hole, it also lights up. Once balls were accumulated to a certain limit, they will get blown back into the pit from above like 'snow'. There was a testing phase where a few children had to be dragged out by their parents. It was a major hit in Japan with a majority of the sales from there.

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